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Custom Training

Any organization that works in communities of distress will find this certificate program of great value to staff and beneficiaries.

  • This body-centered approach is rooted in Canadian aboriginal culture and is particularly effective in the treatment and healing of complex trauma caused by accident, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse or neglect including collective community traumas and cultural genocide.  
  • You will learn this technique to foster your own healing and also learn how to bring healing to your clients and your community.

This program is designed to support new-comers in the exploration of the inner world, as well as those who are experienced in body-centered techniques.

In this workshop we explore how each of us can sense into ourselves, into the other, and into the relationship and be present to, and give voice to, these three dimensions to move relationships forward.

This attention to the relationship itself opens a whole other dimension of empathy for the ‘us’.

About Us

We promote social change by supporting people and communities as they move towards wellness, seek inner healing, and discover creative solutions to local problems. We base our work on a deep vision of how human beings thrive when physically and emotionally safe, and are free to secure their needs and shape their communities in ways that hold meaning and significance for them. Our approach is grounded in the philosophy and experience of Community Wellness Focusing.

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Reaching Resilience: A Training Manual for Community Wellness

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