Melinda Darer

Melinda Darer

Melinda Darer strongly values equality and diversity in team settings.  One of her most satisfying and productive activities is collaborating with international organizations and individuals. Her areas of interest include communication styles, conflict resolution, mindfulness, and pausing.

She has more than 30 years of non-profit management.  Since co-creating Focusing Initiatives International in 2014, Melinda has served as co-director and chief operating officer, responsible for developing the organization’s strategy and vision, creating new initiatives and programs, and managing the finances.

During 2020 Melinda organized almost 100 webinars on CoronaPlaza.LIFE. She oversees the Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy trauma program in New York City. She established an online bi-weekly Wholebody Focusing Gathering, with guest facilitators and attunements, which has been meeting for more than three years.

Before that, Melinda spent 17 years at the Focusing Institute.  She consulted closely with the founders – Dr. Eugene Gendlin and Mary Hendricks – and worked on financial, planning and visionary issues, as well as developing programs and policies for an international audience.

At Carnegie Mellon University, she studied modern languages and literature, graduating with a Liberal Arts degree.

Melinda lives in Northampton, MA with her husband Mitch and their puppy Justice (named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg).



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