Nina Joy Lawrence

Nina Joy Lawrence

Nina Joy Lawrence has an MS in Counseling from Oregon State University.  She has taught and counseled at many levels, from preschool through post graduate.  She discovered Focusing in 1990, and became a Focusing Professional in 2003.  In 2001 she began sharing Focusing with Afghan refugees in Pakistan, collaborating with Pat Omidian and Afghan aid workers to create a program that would help them in their work.   She loves to support Focusers to reach out to local community groups who are searching for ways to meet their needs.

In 2008 Nina Joy and Patricia Omidian called together Focusers interested in working this way, and the Community Wellness “tribe” was created. This fluid group has grown over the past 6 years, supporting and encouraging each other through a discussion list and monthly phone conferences, which Nina Joy has been instrumental in maintaining.

Nina Joy is happy to be supportive of Focusing International as it blossoms in the growing tree of community wellness work. Nina is a Certifying Coordinator for The Focusing Institute.  With Patricia Omidian she is the other co-founder of the worldwide Community Wellness Focusing movement.

About Us

We promote social change by supporting people and communities as they move towards wellness, seek inner healing, and discover creative solutions to local problems. We base our work on a deep vision of how human beings thrive when physically and emotionally safe, and are free to secure their needs and shape their communities in ways that hold meaning and significance for them. Our approach is grounded in the philosophy and experience of Community Wellness Focusing.

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