Reconnecting to Communities: Mutual Respect and Nurturing Dialogue

Many of us are feeling shock and hopelessness at this time of public polarization following current world events.  We find ourselves in a world that is driven by fear, mistrust and divisiveness.

How can we deal with these disturbing feelings?  Consider attending this webinar:  “Introduction to Relational Wholebody Focusing”, to engage in healthy and responsive inter-human dialogue around these issues.

This training will help you to:

  • learn to respond and relate in a Wholebody Focusing Wisdom Way to the current world situation with intelligence, inter-human dialogue and hope
  • meet with and listen to each other in Wholebody heartfelt connection and conversations of mutuality
  • find a way forward as members of the human family with respect and dynamic sharing and dialogue
  • experience relational space with openness, body awareness, and interpersonal trust, and
  • make space for our differences with the curiosity and respect of the larger embodied Self, rather than creating walls, competing with rigid agendas, or reacting blindly from a smaller triggered self.


We Are a Human Family


As members of the human family, we can find creative and powerful ways to reconnect to our communities with mutual respect and nurturing dialogue.  Rather than react to the barrage of hostility, divisiveness, and wall building coming from our elected officials, we can choose to listen to one another in a wiser heartfelt way.  Each of us can find our own personal action steps protesting against what feels so wrong in our world and shouldering our individual responsibility for the state of our world.

Relational Wholebody Focusing is a Body-Mind relational practice that values our differences and recognizes the ties of inter-dependence that link us as a civil, fair, and humane society.   We can choose to make space for our differences while maintaining a healthy, mature connection with one another.  We can stand together and explore wise, intelligent and heartfelt conversations about how to move forward with mutuality and inclusiveness.  The more we open up to meeting and receiving each other as whole persons, the more diverse and creative our own life possibilities and directions become.

As our current world situation evolves, we can choose to practice and model communication behaviors of respect, healthy dialogue and inter-human cooperation in our own circles and social spheres. One effective way to move forward beyond this shared experience of  societal polarization, is together, as engaged and inter-connected members of the same human family.

Whether or not you take this particular webinar, there are other opportunities for learning and training:  a 3-day workshop “Introduction to Relational Wholebody Focusing”, and a four-module, two year long workshop “Advanced Certification: Relational Wholebody Focusing”.


A Life-changing Example


A student in Sydney, Australia, with a high level position in a multinational law firm, is responsible for the lawyers’ professional development.   She was seeking ways for her and her colleagues to achieve a more stable self, a healthier level of stress, in high-pressure work situations, with much at stake.  After attending a Wholebody workshop, she reports not only having more space for herself as a whole person at work, but also wanting to bring it to her colleagues.

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