Listening Works

In two posts on our new Psychosocial Support website, Wajid describes two important events that impacted him, as a social worker in Pakistan. 

In “12 Years Later, PSS Training Continues to Support Change” he describes the time in 2010 when residents of the region were suffering from a horrific flood. The Indus river had topped its banks and inundated thousands of acres of farmland and hundreds of villages. I was living in Karachi at that time and was able to answer his call for help.  

What this story highlights is that we should never underestimate the impact a simply program in deep listening and community wellness can have on someone. Nor can we predict how those skills might be adapted locally. Read his story to see what changes twelve years can make. 

One of the most terrifying events to occur in Peshawar Pakistan occurred in 2014, when armed terrorists stormed the Army Public-school, killing 150 people, including 134 students. Wajid tells us how he used deep listening, a basic Psychological First Aid Skill to support two people in the aftermath of this traumatic event. Read more in “Deep Listening Allows Healing”.