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Afghan women refugees find their voice

Refugee Resettlement Wellness | Posted on March 29, 2023 | Author mJD7649

Our “Circle of Care” is assisting two Afghan families (two men, two women, and three children under the age of three) in Western Massachusetts. The women are home with the children all the time while the husbands are working. Over the last year, we had […]


Imagine combining your professional work with your personal life

Refugee Resettlement Wellness | Posted on June 22, 2022 | Author mJD7649

Last August, when the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, tens of thousands of refugees started to arrive in the US, and many came to western Massachusetts. … which is where Melinda Darer now lives. Melinda has had a lifelong interest – personal and professional – […]



We work to help refugees find and learn tools to address cultural acclimation and emotional wellness, while ensuring that they retain their traditional core values in this new environment. Through mutual support, practical teachings, and listening-centered focusing approaches, we provide safe spaces for them to thrive.


Pat Omidian
Melinda Darer
Center for International Education @UMass (in partnership)
Catholic Charities of Springfield (in partnership)

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