Welcome to CoronaPlaza.Life

Yesterday was the first day of April. April’s Fool. And the launch of CoronaPlaza.Life.

The Fool is a very ancient Archetype (“archetype” comes from ancient Greek “arché” that means “principle”, “basic entity” and “typos” that means “a model”, “a form/shape”) and from this Archetype comes the Joker card. A card that can be extremely helpful to win the game, but with the Joker alone, you can not win the game.

This is precisely the archetypical meaning of “The Fool” as an archetype. It’s about freedom, creativity, inventions, playfulness. “The Fool” reminds us that “Life is a Game”, and as such, we seriously do not have to take seriously too much. “The Fool” is free from constraints, is happy, is living the life from the present moment. “The Fool” alone won’t change the World. But if “The Fool” will be there, it will be much easier to change the World. Just like the Joker in card games.

We built the CoronaPlaza.life platform/website in 3 weeks. Without the coronavirus around, we would require at least one year. Without the coronavirus emergency, we would all say that’s foolish to even consider creating such a platform. Maybe we are The Fools. And perhaps that’s why we can contribute to winning the game against the Corona pandemics.

Happy 1st April to everybody.