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We offer trainings to humanitarian organizations, community leaders and other individuals in how to use deep listening to nurture flourishing communities.


We identify and welcome emerging community leaders into a mutually supportive network.

Free Webinars

We offer free webinars that offer a space of support and deep listening.

Dear friends,

This is the 10th year since Melinda and Pat co-created Focusing Initiatives International, and the impact we have had is beyond our wildest imagination.

And now we are seeking others to help us.

We have reached tens of thousands of people, all over the world, to use community wellness and focusing tools to help them deal with their trauma and crisis.

Our work has helped communities in Liberia (Ebola), in Chacala – a Mexican fishing village (at-risk children), in Japan (tsunami), in Turkey (earthquake), in Afghanistan (underground schools for girls), in the USA (Afghan Women’s Empowerment Program for refugees, IFOT), in Lebanon (deadly explosion), in Uganda (storytelling program for at-risk refugee children and community elders), in Pakistan (child laborers and illiteracy, and teaching university psychology students), and many more. We are reaching even more countries and communities now, as we expand our use of online technologies to train, mentor, and support local leaders.

Our trainings are designed to help communities identify their own needs and strengths and develop their own solutions. We offer listening, conversation, and transformation in a way that honors their cultural knowledge and wisdom.

Providing universal access to our services has always been a key value. When a community in need reaches out to us, we respond without asking for compensation, because most don’t have the ability to pay for services. Funding for our organization is limited and we have survived through donations and small grants.

As Pat and Melinda are in their late 60’s and Anna is 80,  we are well aware that for this organization to continue and grow we need to think about passing the baton and mentoring the next generation. Forward thinking creative folks are needed to keep Focusing Initiatives International sustainable.

We are happy to welcome people who are seeking to make an impact, living and experiencing a truly rich career path and journey. If this speaks to you, please contact one of us.

Melinda Darer
Pat Omidian
Anna Willman

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