Learning in cold, dark classrooms

Unfortunately, Pakistan is grappling with a severe energy crisis exacerbated by economic challenges, making electricity unavailable for the school facility. Currently the children sit in dark classrooms, where they have to open the doors and windows to let in enough sunlight to read.  This means exposure to freezing cold breezes in winter, but does nothing to relieve the stifling oven-like heat of the hottest part of each summer day. 

Brighter Tomorrow provides a nutritious meal and basic literacy education to over 160 child laborers in Peshawar, Pakistan, including Pakistani and Afghan boys and girls as young as 8 years old.  The children are released from work by their employers to attend school during the slow business hours in the afternoon.

We are asking for $10,000 to buy and install a solar power system so that the children can study in well-lit classrooms that have heat in the winter and cooling ceiling fans in the summer.  Electricity will also make it possible for them to enjoy a drink of cool water when they arrive at school after a morning of hard work in the scorching heat.

Your gift will ensure a positive learning environment despite the challenges posed by the energy crisis and economic difficulties in the region.

 Brighter Tomorrow is a fellowship project of Focusing Initiative International, which provides ongoing psychosocial support and culturally appropriate training to locally conceived and developed community wellness programs.