Psychosocial Support (PSS) and Community Wellness 6-Month Course



June 2022


  • Recommended: $910
  • Scholarship: $500
  • Sponsor: $1410



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Pat Omidian
Anna Willman
Hunter Keller

Psychosocial Support and Community Wellness (PSSCW):

We, at Focusing Initiatives International, believe that each of us is intimately connected to our community and that our own wellness is reflected in and responds to the wellness of the community as a whole. That is what psychosocial support (PSS) is all about–the healing of the individual and their community–by enhancing wellness skill sets for both. 

Our program’s heart-centered approach blends self-care (for you and your community) with a variety of techniques for engaging communities in self-discovery that lead to individual and collective healing and resilience.

This course is designed to enhance your community work, to bring healing, positive change and peace. Based on over 30 years field experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, Liberia, the Middle East and Mexico, our modules will lead you through activities that: 

  • improve community connections
  • identify local paths to resilience to address local problems
  • explore spiritual connections that can strengthen inner lives
  • bring self-care into your own life

We welcome everyone who wants to experience the field of Psychosocial Support. You may attend the classes and actively participate as you wish.

6 Modules (4 weeks each) with one important introduction before the first module and one wrap up at the end

  • Each module have 4 weekly meetings of 1 hour each.
    • Modules include lectures, activities, guest speakers and recommended readings.
    • In Week 1 of each module we introduce the topic and key concepts.
    • Weeks 2-4 are used to practice activities and share learnings
    • Guest speakers will be invited
  • Participants are encouraged to share PSSCW experiences in their communities.
  • Together we can problem solve and discuss topics of interest.

Certification is available based on the following

  • Participant writes a formal request to Focusing Initiatives and receives approval
  • Payment of  US$960  course fee (discounts can be negotiated and scholarships are available)

COST: US$35/person per week*26= $910 (with scholarship $500; sponsor fee $1410)

Course outline:

IntroductionWhat is Psychosocial Support and Community Wellness
Module 1The Key to PSS Work
Module 2PSS and Critical Global Mental Health
Module 3Participatory learning techniques used for community-based trainings
Module 4Resilience and psychosocial wellness
Module 5Positive Deviance (PD) and other Hidden successes
Module 6Adapted Dynamic Facilitation
Next Steps and Celebrations


This initiative's Team

Anna Willman
Annika Frohböse
Fida Muhammad
Georgia Kaltsidou
Haqmal Daudzai
Hunter Keller
Jerry Conway
Nasir Khan
Nazia Jamshed Khan
Nina Joy Lawrence
Ocen Daniel Osako
Pat Omidian
Wajid Syed

Reaching Resilience: A Training Manual for Community Wellness